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The Leap

Many questions are asked about how a planetary evolutionary leap looks like. Information about this has already been given at many different places at different times by people who have reached a certain level of consciousness. We spoke last time about this. Over time, a lot of important information has experienced various distortions and turned into stories with a lot of inaccurate data. Some of this information is public, you all probably  know a lot, but in order to understand it properly we must return again to the subject of an elevated level of consciousness. The other part of this information, very direct, without distortion, was kept in secret societies that can be entered also at the moment when you reach a specific frequency.  Parts of this Intel from the secret societies are here and now: In short, it looks like this: The first stage of evolution is to reach a very large number of human population on the planet. On our planet, the bearers of the change are humans. A huge n

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