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The Compression Breakthrough


All those who are today fighting for justice, for humanity, for the liberation of the planet and for us - additionally are waking us up from deep programming - surely are under great attack. They are revealing truths, that certainly pose a huge threat to the system. It has now become clear to many that mainstream media is programming people very deeply and make them believe what serves the system. And anyone who questions all of this and even supports it with facts and evidence will possibly be removed, discredited, ridiculed, or at worst killed.

The majority of people are not thinking. One believes everything he sees on TV or reads on the Internet. He is not questioning anything and he has no thoughts of his own. However, those on the frontlines sacrificing their lives to help humanity in its awakening, are not wasting their breath. The easiest thing is to label them as "conspiracy theorists." But what if they happen to be right? After all, wh…

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